How to Write a Song: For Beginners

Singing is one of the most amazing achievement that almost everybody in the universe wants to archive. However, only a few people are lucky to be able to write songs successfully. Many people think that writing a song is the hardest thing in the world but it is not.


Here are tips on how to write a song as a beginner.


Look for inspiration

Notice the subject or the situations you want to sing about, then note down all the lines phrases and emotions that are popping from your head. Analyze the lyrics of the singers you admire and know how their songs are structured.


Write the lyrics


When writing the lyrics, select a precise topic and audience you want to relate to so that that they can connect to the music. Get a nice topic from deep within you, for instance, love, life experience, or opinion about something. Writing lyrics can happen in two ways, you can either begin with writing the text on paper or your phone. Alternatively, you can begin by gathering inspiration from beats and instruments. I remember getting inspired fromĀ seaside themed wedding centrepieces.


Select cool chords


Selecting the chords is simple; begin by playing the chords you love for instance C or G. Check the one that sounds cool. For example, if you begin with E chord, a subdominant and dominant B will fit. Get a various combination of chords, play each at a time, and get the best. In addition, you can choose to get inspiration by listening to someone as he or she plays some chords.


Get melody and rhythm


Once you get the chords, it is time to experiment the melody and rhythm. Get time and play all your cool chords. Play it as many times as possible and changing the melody and the speed until you realize what you want. Now it is time to record the music. Save the maladies, you love and play along with them to resize more ideas. You can record many tracks in your system as you try to get the best.


Chorus and verse


You need to be aware of the difference between the chorus and the verse. You should invest much time in the chorus, as it is the hook of your song. Besides, it is the most remembered part of the entire song. A verse speaks out your feelings, a situation, or an experience, so you need to go direct to the point. For instance, think about the situation that you want to sing about, how it evolved and what is likely to occur in future.


The song Structure


The next step is to determine the structure of the song. Do you want a little difference between the chorus and the verses or huge? Consider how best the song may sound. Ensure the structure is attractive.


Finally, once you are okay with the structure, you need to practice. The lyrics, chorus, and the verses are at hand, connect them, and begin practicing the song. Then you can go on and record it. You can use a computer, sofa session or even a smartphone to record. Just ensure you record in a safe place and, ensure you do not lose it.